Here you'll find my demo reels and samples, as well as a contact form to get in touch with me about a project.

The Pancake Day Disaster Show (2023)
An improvised show that kept both cast and audience on it's toes. Myself and the rest of the performers had no idea who or what we would be playing, and what the scenarios were going to be, including some from the audience!
The Plague Ain't That Bad (2022)
Following a typical 14th century family, as they try to navigate living during the deadly Bubonic Plague, drawing fun comparisons to the 2020 Pandemic, and modern life in general.
Night Terrors (2022)
Our first show back since the pandemic; it followed the disturbing, life-like dreams of a frightened woman, worried half to death about her husband, who had gone off to fight in the war. In the show I played a crazed Orphanage Master.
The Liverpool Dungeons (2020)
A comical, immersive promenade performance based on Liverpool's 800 year horrible hidden history!
Bite Me! (2019)
An original comedy Vampire adventure story! I played Rufus, a domesticated Werewolf under the subjugation of a house full of Vampires.